Points Snob

My husband laughed at me last week and strongly encouraged me to post about our conversation.  So here goes…


Not a picture of the casserole in question.  I’m sure this one was delicious.

I made a new recipe: a chicken enchilada casserole.  If you stick around long enough, you will realize I am a lover of all things casserole!  But this one wasn’t good.  It was bland and I didn’t like the way I cooked/diced the chicken.  I may have left out the onion because I forgot to buy one (but don’t tell my husband).  Anyway, there was no way I was interested in having the leftovers until I added some chopped green chilis and salsa and added some flavor (and I was waiting until the next day to go to the store to get some).  

He volunteered to eat it so it “wouldn’t go to waste.”  I said I didn’t care if it did go to waste, I didn’t like it.  And then we discussed the differences in our childhood homes regarding eating food so it wouldn’t be wasted.  I said that no matter what happened in our childhood homes, I am an adult now and I don’t have a big problem with wasting food.  

After a little more discussion, he asked me if we were eating the leftovers for dinner and I responded emphatically, “fuck no, if it doesn’t taste delicious, I’m not spending points on it.”  First of all, I know I need to clean up my language.  Second, he laughed at me and said I needed to post my quote.  He reminded me what a big deal it was that I was being discerning and changing the choices I was making related to food.

Who do you have in your life that helps you realize little discoveries about your journey daily?  What food have you said “f*ck no” to lately because it just wasn’t worth it?

I feed myself.

“When you are out of points, stop eating points.” – FatDag

Fat Dag Points Pic

Image from FatDag’s Facebook Page.  If you aren’t following him, do!  If you haven’t downloaded his podcast app, go do it now and then come back to finish this post!  Whys Advice App 

My favorite podcast right now is Whys Advice by FatDag.  Mke, who uses the online name FatDag has lost 91 pounds on Weight Watchers and is sharing his message of encouragement and tough love on Weight Watchers Connect, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @fatdag.  His website is FatDag.com   He is part of my daily diet of motivation an inspiration!

This quote perfectly summarizes my strategy right now for my approach to eating.  I have chosen Weight Watchers as my weight loss program.  The plan for eating involves a finite number of points each day and a batch of weekly points as well.  And because I have committed to this program, I have committed to stop eating points when I am out of points.

So many times, I hear fellow meeting attendees and friends on connect who blow through their dailies, weeklies, and even the points they have earned for fitness and still keep eating.  And I refuse to judge these individuals.  Everyone is on their own journey and the only thing that anyone can ask of themselves is their best, and if that day in those circumstances eating over the points is their best – I will be the first one to give them a hug and a high five and remind them we are in this journey together and I am here to cheer them on!

But I need to explore this for myself too.  So far, on this particular leg of my journey, I have stuck very closely to my points and have not ever gone into the negative on my weekly points (eating weeklies is encouraged).  I have eaten within my “blue dot range” (the blue dot range is a spread of 10 points 7over/3under your target for the day and is called the Healthy Eating Range) for over two months straight and have no plans for stopping.  My goal is to eat in this range EVERY DAY for one year.  There is nothing but me that can stop me.  No one puts food in my mouth but me.  

But it hasn’t been easy.  There are times when all I want to do is eat the things I was eating before and lots of it.  But now that I have been outlining and writing down the reasons I want to be successful on this journey and those reasons outweigh any desire to eat over my points.  

This whole eating in points range has required having a plan and sticking to it.  My biggest struggle is during social situations.  I now know what I am going to do in social situations, and I prepare myself mentally.  I always have a low points sweet snack in my bag for social events where there are s’mores or cake or donuts.  And I have changed my focus in those situations – I have a (non-alcoholic) drink in my hands and I remember that the reason we are getting together is because of the people, not the food.  No matter if it is a group of family, friends, or colleagues, I am intentionally turning my focus to the people and the relationships and the interactions.  A diet drink gives my hands and mouth something to do and I can enjoy those I am with.  As an introvert, this is sometimes a stretch, but I leave these events (that seem to happen all the time) with a sense of accomplishment and peace.

What are your social event strategies?  What happens when you are out of points, calories, carbs, or macros (whatever your plan of eating happens to be)?

Are You a Diamond or Dung?

Or are you priceless or poop?  However you phrase it, my question today is how do you view yourself?  How do you talk to yourself?  Do you treat yourself like your best friend or your worst enemy?

diamond or dung

One of my goals is to determine why this time feels different than all the failed attempts I have had at weight loss before.  I am putting in the work, but it doesn’t seem to be a chore or a constant internal fight.  And one of the things I realized is that this time I like myself – a lot.

Before I joined Weight Watchers on February 4th, 2017, I vowed I would never try to lose weight again.  I was over 300 pounds and tired of fighting an constantly being on some form of a diet.  I could look in the mirror and wasn’t upset about who was looking back at me.  She was cute, smart, funny, and becoming more sassy by the minute (apparently turning 40 will do that to you).  And while there are always things I could improve about me, I really started to embrace a strengths and growth mindset.  I focused less on what was wrong and more on what was right.

And honest to goodness the only thing that took me to Weight Watchers in February was a 5K race I committed to in April.  I started training and realized that it would be a whole lot easier to do if I wasn’t taking so many pounds on my walk.  It was a matter of being practical.  Of course, now there are a gazillion reasons I can think of to continue, and on my Facebook page and WW Connect, I am on a quest to name 100 of those reasons.

But back to the diamond/dung question?  Are you living your life as a poop emoji?

photo of a box of poop emoji suckers

Are you wearing a mask – smiling and happy on the outside and working to convince everyone you are chocolate ice cream or a Hershey’s Kiss?  Do you really feel like shit on the inside?  What are the thoughts that run through your head on a daily basis?  It’s time to take a look at them and decide if that is how you want to continue to see yourself.  I challenge you to begin talking to yourself like you would a cherished friend.  Give yourself a break.

You aren’t dung.  You are a diamond.  You aren’t poop.  You are priceless.

What is one step toward mentally caring for yourself you can take today?

Feel the feelings

If I have heard it once, I have heard it a million times, “I am an emotional eater.”  And quite honestly, I have said it too.  However, it seems like for me, being an emotional eater doesnt’ just happen when I feel negative emotions, it means eating when I’m happy, sad, bored, angry, discouraged, encouraged… and the list goes on.

So how do we get out of the emotional eating cycle?  I’m honestly not 100% sure and I certainly don’t have all the answers – but I am being mindful of making sure that I have a physical hunger before snacking especially.  Before Weight Watchers, I am not sure I could tell you the last time I actually felt physical hunger.  Believe it or not, your tummy will actually growl if you are hungry!  I thought it was a myth, but it turns out it is true! And yesterday, I noticed physical hunger two whole times!  #rockstarstatus


So what happens if we want to eat and are not physically hungry?  First, check your thirst.   Are you thirsty?  Grab some water or crunch on some ice.  Second, check your mood.  How are you feeling?  Mad, sad, bored?  Is there something other than food that your body is asking for right now?  Do you need to cry, scream, take a deep breath, journal, exercise?  Try that first – see if it helps!

I am working on getting more accurate at identifying how I am feeling and what my body needs – and just like anything else, the more I practice, the more I learn and succeed.

What have you noticed as emotional eating triggers and what are you trying to do to handle those triggers in a healthy way?

It’s Only Gravity

Everyone has a story and everyone brings a unique perspective into this world.  When you begin to lose weight you begin to learn people’s stories and their perspective on their weight, their self-esteem, and their journey.  I am thankful when people trust me enough to share their struggles and know that I am judgement free.  That is one of the blessings of being over 300 pounds.  I am a safe place to talk about weight loss struggles.  I have heard many things I have thoughts on that I will address in the next few blog posts.

First and most importantly: YOUR WEIGHT IS ONLY A MEASURE OF THE PULL OF GRAVITY ON YOUR CURRENT MASS.  The number on the scale does determine that you are good or bad, and it certainly doesn’t determine your worth.   So stop letting it have control over your day.  And if you get discouraged when you weigh yourself every day – either stop or throw away your scale.  I threw mine right in the trash and it was the most freeing moment ever!  I bought a new scale and I am back to weighing daily now and I am keeping it in perspective.  If you are weighing yourself daily, keep a log so you can see trends.  You didn’t gain 2 pounds yesterday, your body fluctuates.  Below is my daily weight log.  I could be mad I gained a pound yesterday, or I could look back and see that I am 2 pounds down from last Wednesday.  Be kind to yourself.

daily weight log

I have heard a million times, “You didn’t put your weight on overnight, it won’t come off overnight.”  Guess what?  That’s true!  But one day at a time working toward your goal gets you one day closer than not working toward your goal.  And those “one days” add up to a month, a quarter, a year and beyond.  And if you string almost three months of those “one days” together, you get a chart that looks like this:


In case you were wondering, the first dot was 335.8

But this picture of my weight loss in log form or in graph form is just one way to measure the choices I am making for better health.  I also daily log my blood pressure and my blood sugar level because this is a fight my health, not an pursuit to wear smaller clothes (but I won’t argue when that is the case!).

Friends, no matter what goal you are working toward — I believe you can do it!

What struggles are you facing?  What do we need to talk about?  How will you celebrate your “one days” even when it isn’t fun?


Finding My Why

When you work for a goal, there has to be a reason.  If there isn’t, why would you spend your time and energy working toward something that will require sacrifice?


I have a theory that finding “my why” for weight loss and maintaining my focus on that why will lead to weight loss success.  The challenge is that it hasn’t worked before.  I have made a list of 100 reasons why I want to lose weight – everything from sitting in a single plane seat to skydiving.  And here we are 2 years after my last post on this blog and I am now back to trying to lose weight again.  Am I not finding a reason that is strong enough or important enough to continue for months on end to eat in moderation and move my rump?

I have always heard that “nothing tastes as good as thin feels.”  Heck, I wouldn’t know.  I have never in my life been thin – and I have tasted a ton of things that are freaking delicious!  So thin must be pretty amazing.

I am going to be working on my why list.  In the meantime, I am working my plan with just the shear will and determination that I will make it one more day and someday all of those “one more days” will add up to arriving at somewhere closer to thin than I am now. Why or no why, I will keep moving forward.

What is your why?  And what do you think is the most important ingredient in reaching your goals (not just weight loss goals, but also life goals)?



The Power to do ANYTHING you Need!

So one of the reasons I mentioned in my last post that I was gone was because we have started a major purge of junk from our house!  My oh my does that feel good! We were beginning to look like an episode of Hoarders around here.  I wish I was kidding or exaggerating, but when every dish you own is dirty, most articles of clothing are in piles, and one room in your house is completely inaccessible to your husband, things are a bit out of control.

Note: From this point forward, there is profanity in this post – The big one – the F word…


Our mess was creating chaos in our emotional well being.  Living in a mess makes you feel a mess.  It didn’t do anything to help encourage me to be a healthier person.  But somehow God knows what you need and when you need it! Even if it comes in the form of a profanity laden blog, app and tumblr site.

The Unfuck Your Habitat website was just what I needed.  I am not sure how I found it, but I am glad I did.  It was so encouraging to me, so real.  And it had some really good tips!

My favorite and most used tip from the site was to utilize the 20-10 rule.  Twenty minutes of hard core work/cleaning, and a ten minute break.  My dishes would still be sitting in the sink if it wasn’t for this little tip.  It allowed me to break an overwhelming task into manageable chunks.  I could do dishes for 20 minutes – and I am darn good at taking breaks, so that 20-10 thing really worked for me.  It took me and Chris a lot of 20-10s to get it done, but it got done!

Every dish and article of clothing, every blanket and shoe are clean and and put away where they belong.  And I feel a million times more relaxed and ready to tackle those things in my life that matter.  Now with just a few minutes of upkeep everyday, I am proud to say that our house has been unfucked for an entire week!

What are you avoiding? What task feels overwhelming to you?  Could you do it for just 20 minutes, or 10 or 5?  Get started now! You will be so glad you did!

I was not an any way compensated for my opinions of UFYH.  It was just a website I found and loved and wanted to share with you!