The Gift, A F*CK, and Me

“Once you get ‘it’, you have to give it away to keep it.  It’s a gift” – FatDag’s friend regarding recovery from addiction (posted on WW Connect).

I have been listening to so many books lately to feed my my mind and keep me motivated and everything seems to fall into place and I find what I need when I need it.  I started a couple of weeks ago with a book called “The Life Changing Magic of not giving a Fuck” by Sarah Knight,  Wow oh wow was there freedom in that book for me.  Finally permission to stop giving a fuck about every little thing.  I have been slowly removing guilt from my life and this book was the swift kick in the ass that I needed.  I realized that like Sarah says, I really do have a Fuck Budget and I can only give so many fucks and then I am all out, so I have to choose what I spend them on.  This book is one I highly recommend.  She discusses how not to be an asshole while being direct about what you will no longer be giving your fucks to.  

The life changing magic of not giving a fuck

I followed up with her book called “Get your Shit Together.”  It is quite a nice sequel to the first and also was exactly what I needed.  While I haven’t done all the exercises in this book, it inspired me to tackle the mess that is our family financial situation. Apparently if you avoid looking at the checking account regularly, it doesn’t magically grow.  Who knew?

And now, I discovered Mel Robbins on YouTube and just started her book “Stop Saying You’re Fine” and while I am not far into it, it has begun to inspire me to start making some of my dreams a reality.  

My dream is to have weight loss success, and someday help people who have struggled with their weight all their lives like I have.  I want to encourage and inspire them.  I want them to realize, like I have started to, that it isn’t just about getting the weight off. It is about gaining the mental and physical freedom that comes with not being weighed down by the pounds, the guilt, and the disappointment that comes with a lifetime of failed attempts at weight loss.  There is freedom on the other side and I want people to experience that.  

I was starting to doubt my dream and wonder in the sea of voices discussing weight loss how I could be unique or different or even add anything to the conversation.  But I have decided after the FatDag quote above that I am not going to worry about any of that.  I have been given a gift and if I don’t give it away, I will lose it.  

I am committing to waking up everyday and finding a way to give that gift away.

What gift have you been given?  What dream have you been sitting on?  What are you allowing fear to stop you from doing?

TED Talk Tuesday 5.23.17: Mindset

I love TED Talks.  I love that they are short and on a variety of topics. So for the next few Tuesdays I will be showcasing a different TED talk and discuss how I will be incorporating it into my journey.

TED Talk Tuesday

This week’s TED talk is by Carrie Green and is entitled “Programming Your Mind for Success.”  She discusses the extreme importance of mindset on your road to better health.  By describing a series of experiments she an her colleagues preformed with hotel housekeepers, factory workers, and university students drinking milkshakes, she was able to show how one small tweak in the way we think of things has a huge impact on the outcome.

The hotel housekeepers for instance, by the nature of their jobs, get a significant amount of exercise each day.  But when they were asked if the exercise, most of them said no because they don’t intentionally exercise.  By very simply showing one group of housekeepers a poster that showed how many calories they were burning with each cleaning task they did,  that group had statistically significantly better health when the researchers returned.  Their weight and blood pressure was down – and they did not report adding any extra exercise.

So all of this made me wonder if the mindset we have during our weight loss journey by default has the potential to impact our weight loss one way or the other.  If we go in worrying that this will be another time to fail is it inevitable that we will fail.  If we go in with a mindset set on success and feed that positive mindset regularly, are we more likely to succeed? I’m going to take a guess and say YES.

So what is your mindset? Are you convinced you are going to be successful?