Chubby Evolution on the Move

For now, this is my last blog post.  I am not quitting my journey, I am just packing up and moving to Facebook and Instagram for now. and all the posts will still be here, but all new content will be at the Chubby Evolution Facebook Page and @chubbyevolution on Instagram.  I would love to have you join the communities there!

cardboard We're Moving sign with black letters

I want to create a Chubby Evolution community of people who come together to share their journey while I am still at the beginning of my own.  I am spread out over too many platforms and it is starting to distract from the time I spend in other parts of my life.

So, for now, it is time to say goodbye to the blog – but not goodbye to writing about my journey.  You will still see blog style posts on my Facebook page.  So like and follow me on Facebook and Instagram and we can still continue to build this community!

With love and gratitude,


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