Points Snob

My husband laughed at me last week and strongly encouraged me to post about our conversation.  So here goes…


Not a picture of the casserole in question.  I’m sure this one was delicious.

I made a new recipe: a chicken enchilada casserole.  If you stick around long enough, you will realize I am a lover of all things casserole!  But this one wasn’t good.  It was bland and I didn’t like the way I cooked/diced the chicken.  I may have left out the onion because I forgot to buy one (but don’t tell my husband).  Anyway, there was no way I was interested in having the leftovers until I added some chopped green chilis and salsa and added some flavor (and I was waiting until the next day to go to the store to get some).  

He volunteered to eat it so it “wouldn’t go to waste.”  I said I didn’t care if it did go to waste, I didn’t like it.  And then we discussed the differences in our childhood homes regarding eating food so it wouldn’t be wasted.  I said that no matter what happened in our childhood homes, I am an adult now and I don’t have a big problem with wasting food.  

After a little more discussion, he asked me if we were eating the leftovers for dinner and I responded emphatically, “fuck no, if it doesn’t taste delicious, I’m not spending points on it.”  First of all, I know I need to clean up my language.  Second, he laughed at me and said I needed to post my quote.  He reminded me what a big deal it was that I was being discerning and changing the choices I was making related to food.

Who do you have in your life that helps you realize little discoveries about your journey daily?  What food have you said “f*ck no” to lately because it just wasn’t worth it?

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