I hate chairs… I think

airline seats

Fat people have a love/hate relationship with chairs.  At least I have over the years.  I love to sit down in them and often I have needed to.  I hate worrying about them.  These are all of the things I have been known to worry about related to chairs:

  1. Will it hold me? Flimsy folding chairs are the devil.
  2. Will I fit between the arms?
  3. My husband needs to hold the drinks at the movies until I sit in the chair at the movies so I don’t smash the sodas.  And even then, will I sit comfortably?
  4. I need an aisle seat in any auditorium so only one person has to share the space that should be their seat with me.  
  5. Oh, and will I fit in the seat in the auditorium?  I almost didn’t at my sister-in-law’s wedding.  
  6. I have to buy two tickets to travel on an airplane.  And once, I had to be concerned that when they were moving the seat assignments that me and my ass wouldn’t be seated together.  

You ask me why I am on on this journey?  Because someday, I will be able to look at a chair or seat and think “oh, look, a place to sit.”

What is the nemesis you are trying to overcome on your journey?

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