I feed myself.

“When you are out of points, stop eating points.” – FatDag

Fat Dag Points Pic

Image from FatDag’s Facebook Page.  If you aren’t following him, do!  If you haven’t downloaded his podcast app, go do it now and then come back to finish this post!  Whys Advice App 

My favorite podcast right now is Whys Advice by FatDag.  Mke, who uses the online name FatDag has lost 91 pounds on Weight Watchers and is sharing his message of encouragement and tough love on Weight Watchers Connect, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @fatdag.  His website is FatDag.com   He is part of my daily diet of motivation an inspiration!

This quote perfectly summarizes my strategy right now for my approach to eating.  I have chosen Weight Watchers as my weight loss program.  The plan for eating involves a finite number of points each day and a batch of weekly points as well.  And because I have committed to this program, I have committed to stop eating points when I am out of points.

So many times, I hear fellow meeting attendees and friends on connect who blow through their dailies, weeklies, and even the points they have earned for fitness and still keep eating.  And I refuse to judge these individuals.  Everyone is on their own journey and the only thing that anyone can ask of themselves is their best, and if that day in those circumstances eating over the points is their best – I will be the first one to give them a hug and a high five and remind them we are in this journey together and I am here to cheer them on!

But I need to explore this for myself too.  So far, on this particular leg of my journey, I have stuck very closely to my points and have not ever gone into the negative on my weekly points (eating weeklies is encouraged).  I have eaten within my “blue dot range” (the blue dot range is a spread of 10 points 7over/3under your target for the day and is called the Healthy Eating Range) for over two months straight and have no plans for stopping.  My goal is to eat in this range EVERY DAY for one year.  There is nothing but me that can stop me.  No one puts food in my mouth but me.  

But it hasn’t been easy.  There are times when all I want to do is eat the things I was eating before and lots of it.  But now that I have been outlining and writing down the reasons I want to be successful on this journey and those reasons outweigh any desire to eat over my points.  

This whole eating in points range has required having a plan and sticking to it.  My biggest struggle is during social situations.  I now know what I am going to do in social situations, and I prepare myself mentally.  I always have a low points sweet snack in my bag for social events where there are s’mores or cake or donuts.  And I have changed my focus in those situations – I have a (non-alcoholic) drink in my hands and I remember that the reason we are getting together is because of the people, not the food.  No matter if it is a group of family, friends, or colleagues, I am intentionally turning my focus to the people and the relationships and the interactions.  A diet drink gives my hands and mouth something to do and I can enjoy those I am with.  As an introvert, this is sometimes a stretch, but I leave these events (that seem to happen all the time) with a sense of accomplishment and peace.

What are your social event strategies?  What happens when you are out of points, calories, carbs, or macros (whatever your plan of eating happens to be)?

6 thoughts on “I feed myself.

  1. OK dear daughter. You hit me “in the gut” today. I see all your blue dots and feel the sense of pride for you. On the other hand I’m fooling only myself by not tracking, therefore, not actually knowing the number of point I’m over consuming. It’s hurting no one other than myself. I can’t let myself backslide. I was almost to -40 lbs. (-38.6). You’re welcome back to “my spa” anytime. You are a great encourager and motivator. Congratulations on your -51 lbs. yes, you’re proof it can be done with the right mindset. Love you, always have, always will 😍 Hugs, Mom


    • Thanks mom! I really do love that we are on this journey together one last time. We will both know the satisfaction of no longer needing to lose weight! How cool will that be to no longer have that hanging over our heads? We can do this! You are doing awsome! By your birthday you could be super close to hitting 50 too! Stick with it 🙂


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